Our company specializes in construction and repair works, water supply, sewerage, power supply, ventilation, smoke removal, cooling and heating, boiler rooms, fire extinguishing and fire protection, hydrants, installation of low-voltage (cameras, turnstiles, etc.) systems. Our employees build and implement the project of future works in the areas desired by the customer - industrial premises and catering areas, private facilities, residences and villas, construction of garages in accordance with the wishes and rules of the customer. İSTEK MEP has the appropriate licenses from the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Economy for these services.

Ventilation systems provide air exchange, as a result of which exhaust and supply air is removed from the room. It is not enough to change the air in the room by opening a window to achieve a comfortable environment. A prerequisite is the supply of fresh air. The harmony of ventilation and air conditioning systems ensures maximum results. We purchase equipment and components used in the construction of ventilation systems from the world's best manufacturers and leading manufacturers.

During a fire, smoke spreads more and faster than heat. Thus, deaths are mainly related to smoke inhalation. To prevent this, smoke exhaust systems are installed in buildings that comply with regulatory requirements. In addition to preventing poisoning of people by absorbing smoke, the system also blocks the visual view of the escape route during an evacuation. To do this, we use large cubic volute air motors, fire dampers and smoke screens. When preparing a project for a fire protection system, its dimensions, purpose,

Boiler room - a system of devices designed to heat water to saturated steam or water heated to a temperature above the boiling point, thereby heating the apartment and other premises. Chemical energy is converted into thermal energy in boilers. In this case, water in special boilers is heated by this energy and turns into the necessary steam. The steam is then transferred to certain objects through water pipes. The steam moving in the pipes separates a certain amount of heat from itself and turns back into water and returns to the boiler.

At each construction site, work on the mechanical part of the building (or individual houses) begins with the laying of pipes and the installation of water pipes. In buildings (individual houses), pipes are laid inside specially designated shafts. The quality of the material chosen and the work done are very important to prevent future leaks or similar problems. Water pumps are installed to ensure that water reaches each point with the same pressure. The water pipelines of most residential buildings (individual houses) are laid inside the mines. Some of the details remain under the plaster on the floor or wall.

It is extremely important to use only high-quality and certified equipment and cables to prevent incidents in the future when designing and operating power systems. Power supply means providing consumers with high-quality electricity 24 hours a day.

Cooling systems are designed, installed and serviced by our company.

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